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A tsunami of Artificial Intelligence driven applications and infrastructure is coming at us and is going to change the way we operate just like the Internet did 20 years ago.

Slowly but surely, it will become apparent that our everyday lives are intertwined with cutting-edge AI infrastructure. This truly is one of the biggest themes, perhaps even the biggest of the coming decade. Decentralized networks have the advantage over centralized infrastructure. Just like Bitcoin is the largest supercomputer network in the world, it’s a no brainer the same will happen to the largest neural network in the world.

Enter Bittensor, the protocol design that in our opinion has the highest probability of becoming the winner.

A combination of the platform with the best design and the highest reach, will most likely become the market leader. Bittensor has been laying the ground for this design in the past years and its reach has gone exponential. By 2030 Deloitte estimates that 30% of the $2TN AI market will belong to decentralized protocols, that’s 700bn to be divided between decentralized AI infra & AI Dapps and the lion sharing going to the winner.

We believe Bittensor is the one, below you can research multiple articles and videos so you can judge for yourself.

Bittensor year 1 closing

Bittensor year 1 closing

In this video viewers will get useful insights plus some nostalgia of what went on during the first year the Bittensor network was live. Inspirational full video