Stake TAO


What’s up everybody, delegated staking is live on Bittensor. We hereby present an as easy as possible to follow step by step approach how to delegate your stake to and receive 10%+ bonus staking rewards.

The fastest and most user friendly way is to use the staking UI, open the staking UI by clicking on the button below and follow step 1–4 below or scroll down for a visual walkthrough:

Step 1: Connect your wallet and click stake
Step 2: Enter the TAO amount you want to stake (leave 0.1 TAO for future tx)
Step 3: Click stake again
Step 4: Confirm with your password in the wallet pop up

In about 10 seconds it should show that it’s confirmed and you will see the staked amount which will auto compound so you can see it grow in this UI.

Our staking UI currently works with the PolkadotJS and Talisman wallet, so please make sure you imported your Bittensor account in one of these two wallets.

Furthermore, proper security is everything and if you want to do an extra security check to know for sure this staking transaction is safe, please check the following:

1) Make sure that it states “subtensorModule.addStake(hotkey,
amountStaked” under “Method” in the transaction popup
2) When clicking on it it shows our hotkey:

This security check is shown in the 4th visual when scrolling down.

Happy passive income friends!

A couple things to remember

– Delegating your TAO is non-custodial, meaning you keep control of your TAO and decide to unstake whenever you’d like
– TAO staking reward APY’s are always estimates and depend on the total amount staked in the Bittensor Network, Validators receive 18% of the delegated staking rewards, shares 50% of this reward with its delegators, see for more info.

If there are any questions or you need help with the above steps either contact us in the Telegram channel or at Twitter

Example staking an extra 90 TAO at

Connect your wallet

Staking overview, click stake/unstake to add or remove stake

Add the amount you want to stake (leave 0.1 TAO over for future transactions) and click stake

Input your password and check under method that it’s indeed a staking transaction and the hotkey is correct

Staking transaction is broadcasted to the Bittensor blockchain

Staking transaction is successful and staked amount is increased